New Adventures for new heroes. Are you stepping on board?

As a trainee on board a Tall Ship you really discover ‘New Adventures’. There is no use of mobile phones or tablets. You experience the power of nature, cooperation and interaction. Sailing skills are not the only important aspect. Acquiring and using social skills are a big part as well; finding your place in the group, participating in discussions and games and associating with peers with completely different backgrounds, other interests and study experiences.

In the run-up to The Tall Ships Races you are challenged to find yourself a sponsor for your participation. Presentation and coaching days will support and help you with this process. This will provide you with valuable skills that will also be useful in later job applications and your career. You learn to network, present yourself and how to gain interest from others when it comes to your goals (crowdfunding).

Become one of our new adventures and on board one of the TallShips

Is it starting to itch? Is taking part in such a spectacular race something for you? You can still register!

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